Global Terrorism Research Project

Title Author Media type Issue date Full Text
Sheikh Ayman We Consider an Advocate of Unification and Guidance Atiyatallah Text March 15, 2007 Open
Sheikh Ayman We Consider an Advocate of Unification and Guidance Atiyatallah Text March 15, 2007 Open
Attiya Allah Sends Greetings to the Army of Islam Atiyatallah Text July 9, 2007 Open
The People's Revolt... the Fall of the Corrupt Arab Regime... the Demolishment of the Idol of Stability... and the New Beginning Atiyatallah Text Feb. 16, 2011 Open
Shaykh Atiyallah: "Glorifying the Sanctity of the Muslims' Blood" Atiyatallah Video March 14, 2011 Open
Shaykh Atiyallah: "Greetings to Our People in Libya" Atiyatallah Audio March 18, 2011 Open
Al-Fajr Publishes Posthumous Message from Attiya Allah Calling to Islam Atiyatallah Text March 1, 2013 Open
Al-Fajr Media Center Releases Eulogy by Abu Yahya Al-Libi and Shaykh Atiyatallah for Two Mauritanian Scholars Atiyatallah Text July 6, 2009 Open
Words of Advice and Compassion in regards to Bombings in Markets: An English Summarization of Al-Fajr's Release Atiyatallah Text Jan. 31, 2010 Open
Letter Exposes New Leader in Al-Qa`ida High Command Atiyatallah Text Dec. 11, 2005 Open
Lewis Attiya Allah Comments on the Nineteenth Arab League Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Atiyatallah Text March 28, 2007 Open
'Vanguards of Khurasan' Article by Shaykh Atiyatallah on 'Treatment of Infidels' Atiyatallah Text Feb. 26, 2010 Open
Attiya Allah advises Muslims, Fighters in Ramadan Speech Atiyatallah Video Aug. 30, 2011 Open
The Condemnation by the Lacking Ones is a Testimony to the Good Heroes Atiyatallah Text Feb. 23, 2007 Open
Lewis Attiya Allah Observes that Salafist Islam Will Lead the “Liberation of the Islamic World from the Crusaders Atiyatallah Text Jan. 25, 2007 Open
Lewis Attiya Allah Advises Greater Participation from Members of Jihadist Forums to Allow Mujahideen Attacks to Resonate Atiyatallah Text Feb. 27, 2007 Open
Attiya Allah Sympathizes with the Muslims and Mujahideen in Nahr al-Bared, Chastises Those Who Do Not Support Fatah al-Islam Atiyatallah Text Aug. 28, 2007 Open
Attiya Allah Responds to Those who Question the Jihad of Deterrence Atiyatallah Text Sept. 4, 2007 Open