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Jihadist Website Releases 'Second Round' of Open interview With Al-Zawahiri

Media type: Text
AQSI Identifier: ZAW20080423
Full text
Issue Date: April 23, 2008
Author: Ayman al-Zawahiri
Released by: al-Qaeda
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Keyword Contexts
Mujahideen Hardship of Jihad, Martyr, Muslim Unity, Power Relationship, Sectarianism
Iran Agent of United States, Enemy of Islam, Collaborating with Infidels
Japan Collaborating with Infidels, Enemy of Islam, Target for Attack
Political Participation Legitimacy
Suicide Bombing Jihadi Strategy, Legitimacy
Pakistani Army Oppression of Muslims, Betrayal, Enemy of Islam
Jihad Legitimacy, Jihadi Strategy
Somalia Area of Jihad
Perver Musharraf Collaborating with Infidels, Enemy of Islam, Betrayal, Sectarianism
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Outcome of Jihad
Islamic State (aka Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) Outcome of Jihad, Bay’at, Religious Relations, Muslim Unity, Awakening
Muslim Brotherhood Incompatibility with Islam
Syria Area of Jihad
Ummah Duty of Jihad, Moral Support, Material Support, Al Wala’ Wal Bara’
Pakistan Agent of United States, Awakening, Muslim Unity
Secularism Incompatibility with Islam, Rejection of
Targeting Civilians Rejection of, Counterislamic Propaganda, Legitimacy
Morocco Area of Jihad, Imprisonment, Occupied
Taliban Exemplary Jihadi
Jews Enemy of Islam, Target for Attack
Zionist Enemy of Islam
Media Counterislamic Propaganda, Enemy of Islam
Mohammad Omar Leader of Jihad, Bay’at
Yemen Area of Jihad, Oppression of Muslims
Saudi Arabia Occupied, Area of Jihad, Counterislamic Propaganda
Targeting Muslims Rejection of, Counterislamic Propaganda, Legitimacy
Youth Duty of Jihad
Palestine Area of Jihad
United Nations Rejection of, Incompatibility with Islam
Jordan Area of Jihad
International Law Rejection of
Nationalism Rejection of
Ulema Counterislamic Propaganda
Iraq Area of Jihad, Sectarianism
United States Imprisonment, Counterislamic Propaganda, Oppression of Muslims, Target for Attack, Al Wala’ Wal Bara’
Lebanon Area of Jihad, Imprisonment
Women Religious Vigilance, Duty of Jihad
Spain Enemy of Islam