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Al-Zawahiri: 'Six Years Since the Invasion of Iraq'

Media type: Text
AQSI Identifier: ZAW20090421
Full text
Issue Date: April 21, 2009
Author: Ayman al-Zawahiri
Released by: al-Qaeda
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Keyword Contexts
al Qaeda Economic Jihad
Russia Outcome of Jihad
Islamic State (aka Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) Outcome of Jihad, Power Relationship, Refusal to Compromise
Palestinian Authority Agent of the West, Collaborating with Infidels
Abu Hamza al-Mujahir Leader of Jihad, Moral Support, Exemplary Jihadi
United Kingdom Outcome of Jihad
Abu Omar al-Baghdadi Leader of Jihad, Exemplary Jihadi, Moral Support
Democracy Hypocrisy, Agent of the West
United States Economic Jihad, Imprisonment, Oppression of Muslims, Reward/Punishment, Power Relationship
Mahmoud Abbas Agent of United States, Agent of the West
Ummah Moral Support
International Law Rejection of
Borders Rejection of, Fragmentation of the Ummah
Palestine Area to be Liberated
Gaza Oppression of Muslims
George W. Bush Outcome of Jihad
Afghanistan Area of Jihad, Occupied, Agent of Iran, Collaborating with Infidels
Egypt Oppression of Muslims, Collaborating with Infidels, Imprisonment, Betrayal, Agent of Israel
Political Participation Hypocrisy
Algeria Collaborating with Infidels
Yasser Arafat Reward/Punishment
Barack Obama Enemy of Islam, Outcome of Jihad, Plundering of Muslim Wealth
Mujahideen Material Support, Moral Support, Reward/Punishment, Religious Vigilance, Power Relationship
Iran Collaborating with Infidels
Crusaders Enemy of Islam, Plundering of Muslim Wealth, Outcome of Jihad, Human Rights
Israel Oppression of Muslims, Imperialism, Legitimacy
Oslo Accords Rejection of
Jews Enemy of Islam
Ulema Moral Support, Jihadi Strategy
Iraq Area of Jihad, Collaborating with Infidels, Outcome of Jihad, Religious Vigilance, Reward/Punishment
Arab Rulers Plundering of Muslim Wealth, Collaborating with Infidels
Somalia Collaborating with Infidels
Pakistan Area of Jihad
Mohammad Omar Leader of Jihad, Exemplary Jihadi