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Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri: "Jerusalem Will Not Be Judaized"

Media type: Audio
AQSI Identifier: ZAW20100719_b
Full text
Issue Date: July 19, 2010
Author: Ayman al-Zawahiri
Released by: al-Qaeda
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Keyword Contexts
United States Enemy of Islam, Imprisonment, Oppression of Muslims, Target for Attack, Violation of Women’s Honor, Torture of Muslims
Mahmoud Abbas Enemy of Islam
Barack Obama Enemy of Islam
Palestine Area to be Liberated, Duty of Jihad, Moral Support, Material Support
Hosni Mubarak Agent of Israel, Enemy of Islam
United Arab Emirates Apostasy, Enemy of Islam, Reward/Punishment
Arabian Peninsula Area of Jihad
Egypt Apostasy, Occupied, Enemy of Islam, Reward/Punishment
Jihad Duty of Jihad
Turkey Enemy of Islam, Apostasy, Reward/Punishment
Jordan Apostasy, Enemy of Islam, Occupied, Reward/Punishment
Crusaders Enemy of Islam
Women Material Support, Moral Support, Weakness
Morocco Apostasy, Area of Jihad, Occupied
Yemen Area of Jihad, Occupied
Mujahideen Martyr
Somalia Area of Jihad
Ulema Agent of United States, Oppression of Muslims, Enemy of Islam, Agent of the West, Violation of Women’s Honor
Democracy Incompatibility with Islam, Rejection of
Mohammad Omar Leader of Jihad, Refusal to Compromise, Bay’at
Ummah Weakness, Duty of Jihad, Religious Vigilance
Zionist Enemy of Islam
Iraq Area of Jihad, Outcome of Jihad, Occupied, Duty of Jihad
al-Aqsa Area of Jihad
Arab Rulers Agent of United States, Agent of Israel
Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Enemy of Islam, Agent of Israel
Media Counterislamic Propaganda, Moral Support, Enemy of Islam, Awakening
Pakistan Area of Jihad, Enemy of Islam, Betrayal, Occupied, Apostasy
Jerusalem Area of Jihad
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Outcome of Jihad, Duty of Jihad
Nidal Malik Hasan Exemplary Jihadi
Chechnya Area of Jihad
Nationalism Rejection of, Incompatibility with Islam
Jews Enemy of Islam, Target for Attack
Afghanistan Area of Jihad, Outcome of Jihad, Occupied
Abdullah II bin al-Hussein Agent of United States, Enemy of Islam, Agent of Israel, Betrayal
Secularism Incompatibility with Islam, Rejection of
Youth Duty of Jihad
Kashmir Area of Jihad