Global Terrorism Research Project

Title Author Media type Issue date Full Text
Announcement of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham Abu Bakr al-Husayni al-Qurashi al-Baghdadi Audio None Open
Al-Sahab Media Production Releases Al-Zawahiri's 'Review of Events' Video Ayman al-Zawahiri Video Dec. 16, 2007 Open
In this interview: Adam tells Resurgence Azzam al-Amriki Text June 25, 2015 Open
Text of Al-Zawahiri Statement Saying Bush 'Addicted to Drinking, Lying and Gambling' Ayman al-Zawahiri Text Feb. 14, 2007 Open
Al-Zawahiri: 'Six Years Since the Invasion of Iraq' Ayman al-Zawahiri Text April 21, 2009 Open
ISI Video Celebrates Five Years Since Establishment Al-Qaeda in Iraq Video Aug. 23, 2011 Open
Terrorism: Al-Amriki Calls For Muslims To Greet President Bush 'With Bombs' Abu Mansoor al-Amriki Video Jan. 6, 2008 Open
Al-Baghdadi Denounces 'Polytheistic' Iraqi Elections, Announces 'Campaign' Abu Omar al-Baghdadi Audio March 19, 2010 Open
ISI Announces Military Campaign of Revenge for Slain Leaders Abu Musab Abdel Wadoud Text Aug. 19, 2011 Open
ISIL Spokesman Denounces General Command of al-Qaeda Abu Muhammad al-'Adnani al-Shami Audio April 18, 2014 Open
ISI Announces Start of New Military Campaigns Al-Qaeda in Iraq Text July 25, 2012 Open
ISI Leader Champions Mission, Calls for Support in First Audio Speech Al-Qaeda in Iraq Audio July 22, 2012 Open
ISI "Knights of Martyrdom" Video, Dedicated to Chechen Fighters Al-Qaeda in Iraq Video July 21, 2011 Open
The Exit of Bush and Arrival of Obama Text None Open
I am Aware of My God An Audio Speech from the Emir of the Believers Abu Omar al-Baghdadi Audio March 13, 2007 Open
The State of Islam Will Remain Safe Abu Muhammad al-'Adnani al-Shami Audio Aug. 7, 2011 Open
ISI Denies Reports of its Leader's Arrest Al-Qaeda in Iraq Text Dec. 7, 2012 Open
Al-Qa'ida Leader in Afghanistan Eulogizes Islamic State of Iraq Leaders Mustafa Abu-Yazid Text April 26, 2010 Open
ISI Spokesman Stresses Continuity of Group's Mission Al-Qaeda in Iraq Audio Aug. 8, 2011 Open