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Al-Qaeda's Adam Gadahn Gives Demands to Obama

Media type: Video
AQSI Identifier: AAM20100620
Full text
Issue Date: June 20, 2010
Author: Azzam al-Amriki
Released by: al-Qaeda
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Keyword Contexts
Fort Hood Target for Attack, Superiority of Islam
Europe Oppression of Muslims, Agent of United States
Cairo Counterislamic Propaganda
Islamic-Awakening Awakening, Duty of Jihad, Status of the Ummah, Muslim Unity, Outcome of Jihad, Refusal to Compromise, Religious Vigilance
Human Rights Corruption, Oppression of Muslims, Hypocrisy, Sectarianism, Weakness
Ummah Superiority of Islam, Awakening, Occupied
Afghanistan Area to be Liberated
Jewish Lobby Counterislamic Propaganda, Hypocrisy, Political Participation
Somalia Area to be Liberated
Apostate Regime Agent of the West, Apostasy, Moral Support, Agent of United States, Incompatibility with Islam, Material Support, Oppression of Muslims
Americans Exhortation, Nationalism, Political Participation, Weakness
al Qaeda Superiority of Islam
Zionist Material Support, Moral Support, Reward/Punishment
Palestine Occupied, Area to be Liberated, Reward/Punishment
9/11/2001 Superiority of Islam, Target for Attack
Central Intelligence Agency Weakness
Targeting Muslims Oppression of Muslims
United States Hypocrisy, Oppression of Muslims, Weakness, Agent of Israel, Area of Jihad, Power Relationship
Nidal Malik Hasan Jihadi Strategy, Conduct of Jihad, Awakening, Duty of Jihad, Power Relationship
War on Terror Illegitimate, Oppression of Muslims
George W. Bush Weakness
Guantanamo Bay Imprisonment, Torture of Muslims, Oppression of Muslims, Area to be Liberated, Rejection of, Reward/Punishment
Pakistan Area to be Liberated
Awakening Outcome of Jihad, Duty of Jihad, Awakening, Muslim Unity, Refusal to Compromise, Religious Vigilance, Status of the Ummah
Islam Human Rights
Democracy Corruption
Osama bin Laden Leader of Jihad, Status of the Ummah, Muslim Unity, Superiority of Islam
Arab States Occupied, Oppression of Muslims, Reward/Punishment
Israel Enemy of Islam, Counterislamic Propaganda, Area of Jihad, Financial Support, Material Support, Moral Support
Yemen Area to be Liberated
Barack Obama Enemy of Islam, Hypocrisy, Illegitimate, Weakness, Human Rights, Exhortation, Oppression of Muslims, Reward/Punishment, Counterislamic Propaganda, Change in Policy, Corruption
The West Oppression of Muslims