Global Terrorism Research Project


The GTRP’s Resources page contains research sources and links relating to various topics in Political Science. Students and researchers can narrow down their search in order to focus on a particular subject by clicking on one of the boxes on the left. Several articles and sources relate to more than one topic. When this is the case, we choose to tag them to both relevant categories.

We chose to divide the resources into these categories: American Foreign Policy, American Politics, Climate, Democracy, Governance, Human Development, Human Rights, International Relations, Security Studies - Interstate Conflict, Security Studies - Intrastate Conflict, Jihadism, Middle Eastern Politics, Political Economy, Public Polling, Security, Social Factors, Terrorism and Armed Nonstate Actors, Think Tanks

American Foreign Policy contains sources related to American national security, foreign relations, and military policy. Conversely, International Relations contains research discussing interactions between states outside of the U.S., discussing territorial change, alliances, and international organizations. This category also contains individual country profiles as well as studies on great power competition. The Governance category includes sources discussing corruption, nationalism, and states’ regime types. Democracy is listed separately. This category contains data on the spread of democracy and the integrity of elections around the world. Public Polling contains surveys and polling on topics related to social tensions, terrorism, and war.

Human Development relates to data on population growth, global health, and poverty. Separately, Social Factors lists data on ethnic and religious diversity, socioeconomic divisions, education and minority populations. Under Human Rights we included sources such as the “Human Rights Watch” discussing human rights abuses and individual freedoms. The category of Security Studies includes resources related to military strategy, disinformation, and nuclear nonproliferation. The more specific sub-categories of security studies are Interstate Conflict and Intrastate Conflict. Interstate Conflict covers data and research related to war amongst nations, whereas Intrastate Conflict pertains to data on sectarian violence and civil war. The category of Jihadism contains resources published by Jihadi terror organizations including magazines and books. This category is kept separate from Terrorism and Armed Nonstate Actors, which contains more theoretical resources related to insurgencies, extremism, and terrorism more generally.

To suggest a piece to be added or to ask questions regarding access to resource, please contact Sarah Cahn (, Barak Mendelsohn ( or the GTRP’s email (