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Al-Qaeda's Adam Gadahn Urges Individual Jihad

Media type: Video
AQSI Identifier: AAM20101023
Full text
Issue Date: Oct. 23, 2010
Author: Azzam al-Amriki
Released by: al-Qaeda
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The West Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims, Target for Attack, Corruption, Occupied
Arabian Peninsula Area of Jihad, Duty of Jihad, Reward/Punishment
fatwa Betrayal, Change in Policy, Conspiracy, Leader of Jihad, Legitimacy, Rejection of, Religious Vigilance, Rules of Jihad
Iraq Area of Jihad
United Nations Enemy of Islam, Hypocrisy, Illegitimate
Media Counterislamic Propaganda, Conduct of Jihad, Corruption, Power Relationship
Borders Rejection of, Legitimacy, Rules of Jihad
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Youth Moral Support, Duty of Jihad, Area of Jihad, Call to Islam