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To My Brothers in the Levant of Epic Battles and Conquests

Media type: Audio
AQSI Identifier: AAM20130709
Full text
Issue Date: July 9, 2013
Author: Azzam al-Amriki
Released by: al-Qaeda
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Keyword Contexts
2011 Egyptian Revolution Awakening
2011 Libyan Revolution Awakening
Europe Enemy of Islam, Imperialism
Australia Enemy of Islam
Jews Enemy of Islam
Libya Imperialism
Saudi Arabia Imperialism
Italy Imperialism
United Nations Imperialism
Jihad Duty of Jihad, Conduct of Jihad, Call to Islam, Muslim Unity
Shiites Enemy of Islam, Rejection of, Target for Attack
Apostate Regime Apostasy
Iran Imperialism
Jabhat al-Nusra Superiority of Islam, Chastisement
Arabian Peninsula Area to be Liberated, Area of Jihad, Occupied, Imperialism
France Imperialism
Canada Enemy of Islam
Tunisia Imperialism
fatwa Call to Islam
Sykes-Picot Agreement Imperialism
Gulf Material Support
Islamic State (aka Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) Change in Policy, Chastisement, Exemplary Jihadi, Muslim Unity, Power Relationship
Duty of Jihad Duty of Jihad
Ba'athists Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims, Collaborating with Infidels, Illegitimate
Bashar al-Assad Muslim Tyrant, Enemy of Islam, Target for Attack, Oppression of Muslims, Betrayal, Chastisement, Hypocrisy, Illegitimate, Rejection of
Security Council Enemy of Islam, Imperialism, Agent of the West
Islamic Maghreb Imperialism
Iraq Area of Jihad, Area to be Liberated, Imperialism
Pakistan Imperialism
Barack Obama Enemy of Islam
Spain Imperialism
Syria Oppression of Muslims, Area of Jihad, Area to be Liberated, Occupied, Duty of Jihad
2011 Syrian Revolution Awakening, Area of Jihad, Area to be Liberated, Duty of Jihad
Mujahideen Duty of Jihad
Qatar Imperialism
Crusaders Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims, Imperialism, Agent of the West
Hosni Mubarak Enemy of Islam
Turkey Imperialism
Ummah Muslim Unity, Status of the Ummah, Fragmentation of the Ummah
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Chastisement, Exemplary Jihadi
Secularism Secularism
Afghanistan Area to be Liberated, Imperialism
Arab Spring Call to Islam
China Imperialism
Levant Area of Jihad, Oppression of Muslims, Area to be Liberated, Call to Islam, Imperialism
2010 Tunisian Revolution Awakening
al Qaeda Superiority of Islam
Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent Awakening
Bahrain Imperialism
Christians Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims, Imperialism, Agent of the West, Agent of United States
Borders Imperialism
Ayman al-Zawahiri Exemplary Jihadi, Leader of Jihad
United States Enemy of Islam, Imperialism
Communists Enemy of Islam
Abu Mohammad al-Golani Chastisement, Exemplary Jihadi
Alawites Enemy of Islam, Agent of the West, Betrayal, Hypocrisy, Illegitimate, Imperialism, Oppression of Muslims
United Kingdom Imperialism
Jerusalem Area to be Liberated
Osama bin Laden Leader of Jihad
Kuwait Imperialism
Oil Plundering of Muslim Wealth
Israel Enemy of Islam, Imperialism
Egypt Area to be Liberated, Imperialism
Andalusia Imperialism
The West Imperialism
Palestine Area to be Liberated, Imperialism