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The State of Islam Will Remain Safe

Media type: Audio
AQSI Identifier: ADN20110807
Full text
Issue Date: Aug. 7, 2011
Author: Abu Muhammad al-'Adnani al-Shami
Released by: al-Qaeda
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Keyword Contexts
Crusaders Enemy of Islam, Torture of Muslims, Plundering of Muslim Wealth, Target for Attack, Imprisonment, Incompatibility with Islam, Violation of Women’s Honor, Rejection of, Agent of Iran
Iraq Area of Jihad, Oppression of Muslims, Moral Support, Material Support, Chastisement, Hardship of Jihad, Exhortation, Financial Support, Martyr
Mujahideen Martyr, Reward/Punishment, Legitimacy, Rules of Jihad, Agent of Iran
Shiites Enemy of Islam, Rejection of, Imprisonment, Violation of Women’s Honor, Agent of Iran, Torture of Muslims, Incompatibility with Islam, Target for Attack, Plundering of Muslim Wealth
Ummah Weakness, Superiority of Islam, Reward/Punishment, Hardship of Jihad
Jihad Duty of Jihad, Martyr, Rules of Jihad, Weakness, Monotheism/Polytheism
Media Counterislamic Propaganda
Ayman al-Zawahiri Leader of Jihad, Moral Support, Power Relationship
Islam Outcome of Jihad, Religious Vigilance
Ulema Duty of Jihad, Chastisement, Call to Islam, Exhortation
Abu Hamza al-Mujahir Martyr, Leader of Jihad
Osama bin Laden Leader of Jihad, Martyr, Religious Relations
Taliban Moral Support, Financial Support, Material Support, Vanguard
Iran Enemy of Islam, Incompatibility with Islam, Apostasy
Abu Omar al-Baghdadi Leader of Jihad, Martyr
Democracy Incompatibility with Islam, Agent of United States, Political Participation
Islamic State (aka Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) Weakness, Oppression of Muslims, Reward/Punishment, Muslim Unity, Martyr, Hardship of Jihad, Refusal to Compromise, Vanguard
Abu Bakr al-Husayni al-Qurashi al-Baghdadi Leader of Jihad, Exemplary Jihadi, Weakness
Duty of Jihad Martyr, Reward/Punishment
Nouri al-Maliki Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims, Exhortation
Takfir Corruption, Exhortation, Reward/Punishment, Target for Attack, Agent of Israel, Agent of the West, Agent of United States, Chastisement, Religious Relations, Superiority of Islam
Mullah Omar Leader of Jihad, Financial Support, Material Support, Moral Support, Tribalism, Vanguard
Kurds Agent of Israel, Apostasy, Conspiracy, Rejection of
Sunnis Betrayal, Agent of United States, Call to Islam, Collaborating with Infidels, Exhortation, Imprisonment, Moral Support, Outcome of Jihad
Iraqi Islamic Party Agent of United States, Agent of the West, Chastisement, Corruption, Exhortation, Humiliation, Secularism
Caliphate Religious Vigilance
Tribes Apostasy, Corruption, Political Participation