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Vanguards of Khorasan Editor Promotes al-Qaeda, Revolutions in First Appearance in as-Sahab Video

Media type: Video
AQSI Identifier: VAK20130628
Full text
Issue Date: June 28, 2013
Author: Vanguards of Khurasan
Released by: al-Qaeda
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Keyword Contexts
United States Enemy of Islam
Afghanistan Area of Jihad, Superiority of Islam
Camp David Accords Chastisement
Iraq Oppression of Muslims
Somalia Area to be Liberated
Anwar al-Sadat Betrayal, Muslim Tyrant
Crusaders Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims
Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent Chastisement
Zionist Enemy of Islam
Syria Oppression of Muslims, Area of Jihad, Area to be Liberated
Palestine Oppression of Muslims, Area to be Liberated
Egypt Area of Jihad, Corruption, Area to be Liberated, Chastisement, Illegitimate
7/7/2005 Superiority of Islam
Pakistan Area to be Liberated
Omar Abdel Rahman Imprisonment
Burma Oppression of Muslims
Asif Ali Zardari Muslim Tyrant
Kashmir Oppression of Muslims
Jews Enemy of Islam
Perver Musharraf Muslim Tyrant
2010 Tunisian Revolution Chastisement
Gaza Area to be Liberated
Nigeria Oppression of Muslims
Arab Spring Chastisement
Osama bin Laden Exemplary Jihadi
9/11/2001 Superiority of Islam
Mali Area of Jihad, Area to be Liberated, Oppression of Muslims
France Enemy of Islam
Ayman al-Zawahiri Exemplary Jihadi
2011 Libyan Revolution Chastisement
2011 Egyptian Revolution Chastisement
Christians Enemy of Islam
Bosnia and Herzegovina Oppression of Muslims
al-Aqsa Area to be Liberated
The West Enemy of Islam, Chastisement
Ummah Muslim Unity, Status of the Ummah, Call to Islam
Soviet Union Superiority of Islam
United Kingdom Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims
George W. Bush Humiliation
African Union Agent of the West, Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims