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As-Sahab Officially Releases Seventh Interview with Zawahiri

Media type: Audio
AQSI Identifier: ZAW20140502_2
Full text
Issue Date: May 2, 2014
Author: Ayman al-Zawahiri
Released by: al-Qaeda
Access: All Users

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Keyword Contexts
Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Muslim Tyrant
Afghanistan Area of Jihad
Central Intelligence Agency Enemy of Islam, Agent of United States, Hypocrisy
Crusaders Enemy of Islam
Iraq Area of Jihad
Shiites Enemy of Islam
Somalia Area of Jihad
United States Enemy of Islam, Hypocrisy, Secularism
Jews Enemy of Islam
Mujahideen Duty of Jihad
Zionist Enemy of Islam
Ayman al-Zawahiri Leader of Jihad
Levant Area of Jihad
Syria Area of Jihad
Jerusalem Area to be Liberated
Yemen Area of Jihad
Christians Enemy of Islam
Israel Enemy of Islam
Palestine Area to be Liberated
France Enemy of Islam
Abu Yahya al-Libi Leader of Jihad
Osama bin Laden Leader of Jihad, Martyr
Pakistan Area to be Liberated
Democracy Enemy of Islam
The West Enemy of Islam
Guantanamo Bay Torture of Muslims
Algeria Area of Jihad, Area to be Liberated
Egypt Area of Jihad, Political Participation
Iran Agent of United States, Enemy of Islam
Lebanon Area to be Liberated
Saudi Arabia Agent of United States, Area to be Liberated
Taliban Leader of Jihad
al Qaeda Leader of Jihad
Turkey Enemy of Islam
Hezbollah Enemy of Islam, Rejection of
Islamic State (aka Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) Bay’at, Chastisement
Barack Obama Agent of United States, Enemy of Islam
Bashar al-Assad Muslim Tyrant, Enemy of Islam
Tunisia Area to be Liberated
Mali Area of Jihad
Omar Abdel Rahman Imprisonment
Attiya Allah Leader of Jihad
2010 Tunisian Revolution Awakening
2011 Egyptian Revolution Awakening
2011 Libyan Revolution Awakening
2011 Syrian Revolution Awakening
2011 Yemeni Revolution Awakening
Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent Awakening
Islamic Maghreb Area of Jihad, Area to be Liberated
Alawites Enemy of Islam
Midhat Mursi Muslim Tyrant
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi Muslim Tyrant
Socialists Muslim Tyrant
Mustafa Abu al-Yazid Leader of Jihad
Soviet Union Enemy of Islam
Muslim Brotherhood Political Participation, Chastisement
Mahmoud Abbas Betrayal, Agent of the West
Vietnam Hypocrisy
Hassan Nasrallah Muslim Tyrant
Libya Political Participation