Global Terrorism Research Project

About the website

The Global Terrorism Research Project was created using the open source Content Management System provided by Drupal. This was due to the superior combination of power and flexibility that Drupal offered when compared to other CMS systems, an advantage due to its use of modules to create different capabilities. Web hosting is handled by Haverford College’s Instructional & Information Technology Services department, while the statements themselves are hosted on the Library's own D-Space instance. The actual work of creating content for and maintaining the website is almost entirely done by undergraduate students, with critical, ongoing support from the College Library’s staff as well as other groups within the administration.

About the team

The GTRP team came together under the guidance of Professor Barak Mendelsohn, who is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Haverford College. A number of students made his vision a reality over several years of dedicated work. The current website is the latest evolution of the work begun by Rachel Miller ('17). The current site administrators is Luke Mandel ('24).

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