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Ayman al-Zawahiri Interview Four Year After 9/11

Media type: Text
AQSI Identifier: ZAW20050911
Full text
Issue Date: Sept. 11, 2005
Author: Ayman al-Zawahiri
Released by: al-Qaeda
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Keyword Contexts
Afghanistan Area of Jihad, Outcome of Jihad, Occupied
Mohammad Omar Leader of Jihad, Exemplary Jihadi
Democracy Hypocrisy, Oppression of Muslims
7/7/2005 Reward/Punishment, Outcome of Jihad
Zionist Enemy of Islam, Plundering of Muslim Wealth
Taliban Outcome of Jihad
Palestine Area of Jihad, Occupied, Moral Support, Imprisonment
Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Agent of United States, Enemy of Islam
Political Participation Incompatibility with Islam
United Nations Agent of United States, Enemy of Islam, Hypocrisy, Corruption, Oppression of Muslims
Israel Enemy of Islam
Oil Plundering of Muslim Wealth
Arabian Peninsula Imprisonment, Moral Support
Waziristan Area of Jihad
Algeria Imprisonment, Moral Support
Jordan Imprisonment, Agent of the West, Moral Support, Torture of Muslims
Guantanamo Bay Imprisonment, Torture of Muslims
Mujahideen Material Support
Iraq Area of Jihad, Occupied, Monotheism/Polytheism, Secularism
Perver Musharraf Agent of United States, Enemy of Islam, Plundering of Muslim Wealth
Osama bin Laden Leader of Jihad, Exemplary Jihadi
Ukraine Area of Jihad
Kyrgyzstan Area of Jihad
Georgia Area of Jihad
Libya Area of Jihad
Abu Ghraib Imprisonment, Torture of Muslims
Hosni Mubarak Enemy of Islam, Agent of United States
Abu al-Layth al-Libi Exemplary Jihadi, Leader of Jihad
Ulema Hypocrisy
United States Enemy of Islam, Outcome of Jihad, Economic Jihad, Corruption, Violation of Women’s Honor, Torture of Muslims
Morocco Imprisonment, Moral Support
Syria Imprisonment, Moral Support
Russia Outcome of Jihad
Kofi Annan Agent of United States, Enemy of Islam
Pakistan Oppression of Muslims, Agent of United States, Imprisonment, Enemy of Islam, Agent of the West, Torture of Muslims
Jews Oppression of Muslims
Egypt Moral Support, Imprisonment
Omar Abdel Rahman Exemplary Jihadi, Leader of Jihad, Moral Support
Bagram Imprisonment, Torture of Muslims
United Kingdom Enemy of Islam, Hypocrisy, Oppression of Muslims, Imperialism
Tunisia Imprisonment, Moral Support
George W. Bush Enemy of Islam, Collaborating with Infidels
Tony Blair Counterislamic Propaganda, Enemy of Islam
Crusaders Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims, Plundering of Muslim Wealth, Hypocrisy, Outcome of Jihad